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I am very excited to post the following! Along with the video is a very exciting Giveaway!!!!! Two winners will get one box of WhiteShield and some samples! What is WhiteShield? Click here for my post explaining what WhiteShield is!!!


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WhiteShield- Get Whiter Teeth with Every Cup of Coffee or Tea!!!


Have you ever tried those teeth whiteners where you put a strip on your teeth and you have to wait for a while and then you strip it off and it leaves a sticky goo all over? Have you tried other home remedies for teeth whitening? Are you less than satisfied with the results?

I know I have! I hated those leave-in teeth whiteners. My theory is that the reason they make your teeth whiter is because you won’t want to put anything in your mouth after. And they were all so time consuming…and produced little to no results for me.

That is until I heard about WhiteShield. I have never previously heard of anything like it before. The instructions are simple for WhiteShield. Simply brew your coffee (or tea) as usual and then pour the WhiteShield packet right in….THAT’S IT! Have whiter teeth simply by drinking coffee or tea? How is that even possible?

Here is what their website says: “WhiteShield is a simple product designed from a very complex and unique formula.  The sole purpose of WhiteShield is the elimination of Coffee Teeth — and it works while you are drinking your coffee.  When WhiteShield is added to coffee prior to consumption, the product neutralizes the adhesion of staining agents to the surface of your teeth.

WhiteShield is safe for you and your teeth
  • Natural — no harmful ingredients are used.
  • No gluten.  No dairy.  No nuts.  No calories.
  • No tooth sensitivity.  No gum irritation.
WhiteShield does not alter your coffee experience
  • Dissolves completely and quickly.
  • Does not change taste, color, consistency or aroma.
WhiteShield is convenient and affordable
  • Packaged as a powder additive like sweetener or creamer.
  • Priced at 40 cents per serving (34 cents per serving if bought in volume).
  • 50 packets per box

With the regular use of WhiteShield, your teeth are protected, thus eliminating any future staining.  With continued use, WhiteShield attacks the stains that have already accumulated in the tiny pockets of the teeth, and eliminates existing stains.”


Sound too good to be true? In my honest opinion, No it isn’t too good to be true. I will be posting my own experience with this product on this very blog! (Stay tuned for that)


Click here to see Giveaway Details!

Click here to see Giveaway Details!

But don’t just take my word for it! Try it out yourself! I am currently holding a giveaway to try out a box WhiteShield for yourself!!! Check this link out for more details on how to sign up!


In the meantime, check out the WhiteShield Website!


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BuluBox Code: BULUGAN321

February Bulu Box Unboxing!!!


BuluBox Code: BULUGAN321


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Darby Smart Review and Giveaway!!! DIY Ink Blot Coasters

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Remembering your Resolution


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January 2014 StarLooks StarBox UnBoxing+ Promo Code

My review on this box is coming soon but I just wanted to upload a quick unboxing first!!!



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