Coming Soon in 2015!!!

Hey guys! Just wanted to update you on some exciting things coming your way in 2015!

All new content like recipes, book reviews, movie reviews, nail art tutorials, and more! Also more of the content you are already familiar with like box subscription reviews and DIY projects! Totally a new re-vamp on the site. Stay tuned for more!

Love you!


July 2014 Bulu Box! New Video!

Here is my video unboxing of the July 2014 Bulu Box! To get 50% off of your subscription…use the code BULUGAN321 !!!

Punch Skin Care Brightening Eye Cream Review!!!

Okay guys….I know it has been a while…

I was away on vacation in Hawaii (I’m thinking of starting a travel blog soon…any thoughts?) Anyways now that I am back I wanted to start things off with another product review.


This product is the Punch Skin Care Brightening Eye Cream!!! Here is what the company says about their product:

  • Proprietary 100% Organic blend to hydrate, quench and restore your skin’s natural moisture balance to what it once was…
  • Signature dermatologist tested formulation removes dark circles, facial lines and wrinkles naturally…
  • Most users report dramatic results within 21 Days… Get YOUR LOOK back as many users report a marked difference in skin firmness…
  • Say goodbye to looking tired, old and haggard thanks to our organic herbs & botanicals…
  • ( Eye cream, eye cream dark circles, eye cream for dark circles and puffiness, eye cream for wrinkles )

Here is my review of the product:

Packaging: 4 out of 5 Stars

I do love how it looks so clean and professional with the white. But I think that I am used to more wording on the bottle such as directions and ingredients. I mean it is pretty self-explanatory but I would also like some reassurance that I am using the product correctly.

Product Feel on Skin: 5 out of 5 stars

When I put it underneath my eyes I get this amazing cooling sensation…. Cannot even describe how awesome it feels!



Overall score: 5 out of 5

When it comes to a good working product and functionality, this eye brightening cream is very good to use! I have seen results in my own personal self….what is nice is that they also have a money back guarantee. So if the product doesn’t work for you…there is no risk! I encourage you to try it.


Click here to buy! 



#InASnap Gillette Venus Snap Quick Review


Hey guys! I just wanted to share a quick review on the Gillette Venus Snap Razor that I was able to test out complimentary of Influenster.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Pros: -Awesome to travel with

-Compact Size

-Good Quality


Cons: -Not really good for at home use


Summary: I LOVE this razor. For the most part at least. What I love about it is that you can take it ANYWHERE! On trips, to the beach or pool, or in your purse or bag. And with Gillette you know that the quality is good. What are my downsides to this product? Something that makes it so awesome also is really unawesome at times. What do I mean? Well the compact size is perfect for travel….but I am not traveling all the time. I want something that I can use for travel but also at home too. This product doesn’t feel as comfortable to use when you are just at home. Other than that…. it was great! Have you tried the #inasnap challenge? What do you think of the razor? Leave a comment below, telling me what you think!


BuluBox Code: BULUGAN321





The Best Peppermint Tea Ever | Tea Sparrow Review and Video!

Hey guys!


I am very excited to share with you a very new box subscription (at least to me) called Tea Sparrow. Based in Canada, this company gives you four pouches of loose leaf tea to enjoy each month. If you are a tea lover like me, YOU NEED TO GET THIS BOX! Click here to order your tea sparrow box. Use the code “teas” to get 60% off!!!!!



According to TeaSparrow:
“What is a Tea Sparrow Tea Box?

It’s a cute little brown box that comes right to your doorstep. Open it up, and you find 4 carefully selected, beautifully packaged loose leaf teas.

All the teas are free of artificial ingredients and are sent to us from tea blenders around the world. At our bi-monthly Tea Parties we invite our members to taste and score the samples we receive. We only send out the top-rated teas in our Tea Boxes.”

And also a note about what this month’s box was all about: “This month we are sending you some seriously awesome teas with a special emphasis on properties that will help you get through allergy season. Our herbal blend is Aromatica’s Freedom Tea, a blend of both red and green rooibos. Rooibos is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce histamine release and the allergic response. Next, we have the perfect peppermint tea: Sonnentor’s Organic PeppermintThe benefits of peppermint extend well beyond its digestive properties; the essential oil acts as a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and mild antibacterial. The green tea is my personal favourite for this month: Florapharm’s Milk Oolong. This is one of the tastiest milky oolongs I have ever tried! Oolong tea is great for skin allergies such as eczema while boosting your immune system overall. Lastly, this month’s black tea is Aromatica’s Apeldoorn’s Blend. Great for preventing allergies? No. But it is an incredible black tea and a fan favourite we have not featured for almost two years. Enjoy this month’s teas and let us know how well it aided in the fight.

More info on each tea at or for some more Tea Sparrow information please see our blog
How to get started? 
Okay great, you’ve decided you want a Tea Sparrow Tea Box.  Now you have a couple of options…

  • A One Time Tea Box – one Tea Box, one time ($25)
  • 3 Month Prepaid Subscription – three tea boxes over three months ($66)
  • 6 Month Prepaid Subscription – six tea boxes over six months ($120)
  • Ongoing subscription – here you can subscribe for ongoing tea boxes at $20 per month.  You can start/ pause/ stop this subscription at any time.
Also please inform that since the teas are loose leaf, a tea infuser/strainer is required (we do not provide this). “
I am glad I was able to try this. Thank you tea sparrow for the opportunity!