Selling My Clothes On Poshmark

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you guys a little bit about what I have been doing with some clothes that I didn’t want anymore. There are a couple different websites that I use, but one of the main ones is an app and website called Poshmark.

If you use the code: BOVPR when you sign up, you will get $5 off your first purchase!!

Here are some pros and cons of the website:


-Easy and Simple way to sell and buy new clothes including designer pieces

-Wonderful posh community

-Posh Parties- There are three Posh Parties a day and it is a perfect way to showcase your special items

-Posh guarantee- If you receive an item that is not as described then Posh will either give you credits back or you will be able to return the item (only if it was misrepresented)

-Sellers do not have to worry about shipping costs- The buyer automatically pays $4.99 or less for shipping and Poshmark will send a shipping label to your email. You can get free boxes also at your local Post Office.


-They take 20% off of your selling price

-You are unable to return items purchased if you decided you don’t like them

-As a buyer you need to pay $4.99 for shipping unless there is a special promotion



Those are my pros and cons! Poshmark is really such a nice community of fashion lovers… you should definitely try it out!


If you use the code: BOVPR when you sign up, you will get $5 off your first purchase!!

Overall it is a great site! And I will be co-hosting my own posh party soon!!! The date is 9/4…. sign up before then to join in on the fun! Do you have a Poshmark account? Follow me @kianalv and leave your username below!!







Nadine West and Meme Box Review |@3LBlog

Hey guys! Here is my quick little video of the unboxing of these two box subscriptions…. Please scroll down for full reviews on both of the Box Subscription Companies.



Nadine West: I have never previously heard about this box subscription company before. I was googling new Box Subscriptions to try and this one popped up. I loved the idea of a “free” box subscription. Basically they will send you clothes by mail and you keep whatever you like and return whatever you don’t like and they will charge your card accordingly.


-Get the chance to try out new fashion

-Get Fashion Delivered to your door


-Not really free (you need to pay $7 dollars for shipping)

-The email support staff isn’t very friendly or knowledgable

-Not high quality clothing or jewelry


Let me explain… I received my Nadine West bag and was very excited to check it out. When I signed up there was a message saying that there will be an almost 7 dollar shipping charge, but that it will be applied to whatever you decided to purchase. Once I received my bag, though, I realized I didn’t like anything that they sent me. The prices were a little ridiculous for the type of clothing that they were sending. Why am I going to spend almost 20 bucks on a plain shirt? The necklace they sent was poorly made and had a butterfly on it that wouldn’t have even looked good on my seven year old cousin. Total waste! I tried talking to the email support staff but they were unwilling to yield or waive the shipping fee. If they would have said something like, “I am sorry. Please stay with us and we will waive the following box to you for free and still honor the credit” or something to that effect I would have been willing to try it out again. But they were more like “Sorry not sorry” With that being said, I like the idea of Nadine West. I am looking forward to trying out another box with more high quality items and that is ACTUALLY free. More on that to come.


Meme Box: Who doesn’t love Korean skin care?! The coupon code that I had made my box only 10 bucks and it was totally worth it! They sent the box RIGHT away and it was nicely packaged. Will be ordering from them again.



Okay well that is all that I have for you today! I am trying to post more. Please let me know what more content you would like to see here. I love to hear from you guys!




Influenster Sunshine VoxBox | Summer Unboxing

Hey guys! Here is the video of my unboxing! Please enjoy it! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. My review of the items will come along shortly. Thank you Influenster for letting me try this out. For more information about influenster please visit this link: www.influenster.com/r/333565?utm_campaign=sum


Tea Sparrow Unboxing and Review May 2015


Here is my review on Youtube :) Thank you Tea Sparrow team for letting me try it out!




March Book: Both of Me By Jonathan Friesen



Book Description

From award winning author, Jonathan Friesen, a contemporary story dealing with mental illness and an unexpected friendship.

Elias Phinn copes with his painful reality by slipping into the imaginary realm of Warilia, a world that colors his every waking moment and feels more real than the actual one around him. When his carry-on luggage is switched with that of the beautiful and mysterious Clara, Elias becomes convinced that she is a Warilian diplomat’s daughter. But as the two become friends and their carefully constructed worlds begin to crack, Elias must save them both before everything falls apart.

Poignant, heartrending, and powerfully real, Both of Me is the latest young adult novel from award-winning author Jonathon Friesen. As it explores themes of friendship, mental illness, and self-discovery, this gripping novel will catch—and keep—the attention of teen readers.

About the Author

Jonathan Friesen is an author, speaker, and youth writing coach from Mora, Minnesota. His first young adult novel,Jerk, California, received the ALA Schneider Award. When he’s not writing, speaking at schools, or teaching, Jonathan loves to travel and hang out with his wife and three kids.


February Netflix Binge: CHUCK (With Spoilers) How I Feel About The BuyMore, Sarah Walker, and Jeffster

Note: This following post contains A LOT of spoilers from the show. Please, if you haven’t seen all of the seasons please READ THIS POST INTEAD. When you watched all five seasons of Chuck you are welcome to return back. You have been warned.


Season 1: 2007-2008

A lot happened in the first season… I was really hooked in on this point. Also being an avid watcher of the HART OF DIXIE,  I was more than pleased to see Rachel Bilson in a couple of the episodes as Lou, the sandwich maker in the strip mall and also Chuck’s real girlfriend. I also couldn’t help but feel the distance starting to form between Chuck and his family and friends. I almost wanted to tell them that Chuck was a spy myself, but that wouldn’t be professional. (Like I said before, I almost felt like I was part of the show after a while lol. You could also see the friendship starting to form between the characters. John Casey and Sarah Walker as partners and handlers of Chuck. Also the first time that you meet Carina (who initially I didn’t quite like). Also Bryce Larkin too cool for school right?…(can all my “White Collar” buddies give a big whoop) (I realize that I watch a lot of TV shows on Netflix haha) Also you meet the crew of the Buy More and get familiar with the Nerd Herd. I thought it was so awesome that one of the biggest nerds was turned into one of the country’s biggest asset. And how no one knew about it. Although I felt like the covers were kinda a stretch (like really no one would suspect anything, really?) I thought it almost added to the comedy and made a nice effect.


Season 2: 2008-2009

Here we learn a lot more about Sarah Walker’s past. An old childhood rival and her geeky husband are also apparently working with bad guys. I thought it was strange how EVERYONE Chuck seemed to be in contact with was a master evil person with a plan to destroy the world. Kinda makes me fearful of random scary looking people I occasionally see at CostCo…I may need an intersect of my own. We also meet Jill, the ex that broke Chuck’s heart. And how she betrays him again as working for Fulcrum. Although I did kinda feel sorry for her…seemed like she didn’t really want that and was drawn in against her will. A lot of betrayal is to come when Casey learns that his former sensei is really EVIL now and using his forces in such a way. Of course the team saves the day (of course). Also happy for Morgan that he finally had a girlfriend. So he doesn’t feel so left out…almost a distraction. And then more on Chuck’s past and future with Orion and the intersect. Despite all of this Chuck believes one day he can have a normal life…but if I know anything about spy life, is that once you get started…your life will never be the same again. Also…did anyone else totally hate Emmett? Sad to say I wasn’t sad that he was terminated from the show (quite literally). The love story and Ellie and Awesome is, well, awesome. They are so adorable together and I loved them as a couple.


Season 3: 2010

Chuck is now a legit spy! Way to go Chuck. It was nice to finally see him as an actual spy! It made me feel more safe for him too because now he had the skills to protect himself and not have to wait in the car all the time. It was amazing how the new intersect was programmed so that he didn’t even need to learn all the new skills or languages… he just knew them… AWESOME. At this point I was well aware of the FLASH FACE and always waited for it when trouble arises. Awesome also gets to be a spy with his dashing good looks. I was glad that at least some people started to know the truth about Chuck. First Awesome, then Morgan. It was nice that his friends and family started to know the truth, although that made them be in more danger. Then comes Shaw… lets be honest. At first I really liked Shaw. A new member of the team. Very handsome too I might add. But when he goes crazy after finding out that Sarah killed his wife, he kinda turned kinda scary. After trying to kill Sarah, Chuck saves the day. I was so happy when they finally started dating for reals. Made me sad though that he had to end it with Hannah, whom he met on the flight to Paris.  Shaw comes back…very not dead. And is also an intersect where him and Chuck battle. The end result is that Shaw is shut down and thrown into prison. Finally Ellie learns about the spy hood. FINALLY! She’s an awesome sister. I was relied when she finally learned the truth.


Season 4: 2010-2011

Chuck begins the search for his mother and the CIA bought out the Buy More. Now the Buy More is teaming with agents…finally though the whole crew of buy more employees are restored. Now that Fulcrum and the Ring are gone…a New enemy arises. Volkolff Industries.  Ellie and Awesome have a baby (thanks to Jeffster and thier “push it” song in the delivery room.) Chuck also finds his mom and left me questioning whether or not she could be trusted or not. The point I started trusting her was when she gave the blade to Sarah when her and Volkolff were going to blow them up in the cellar.  Finally Chuck and Sarah plan to get married. Their engagement was so touching. Well the second time finally. I literally cried when they practiced their vows..so cute! Vivien Volcolff turns out to be crazy evil and then not…TOTALLY CONFUSED HERE. Also I didn’t understand how they were like “Here are new identities and you will never see us again if all things go right but then somehow it ended up being okay that they didn’t have new identities. Still confused with that one.

Season 5: 2011-2012

So Chuck comes to a completion. I wasn’t a big fan of Carmichael industries. I thought it was kinda weird and that the producers were just trying to stretch it along. Although the family bond that is formed is quite evident. Somewhere at some point Morgan gets the new intersect with flaws and accidentally downloads it. Making him a total Jerk! I always like Morgan but not when he was like this.

Which brings me to the finale…which was kinda two parts. First, Sarah downloads the Intersect with ends up damaging her brain and what Quinn uses to destroy all of Sarah’s memories. She forgets about Chuck and all of their plans together and how they fell in love EVERYTHING. I was literally very sad when all this happened and found myself hysterically crying that she couldn’t remember. I was so sad how EVERYONE was leaving. EVEN JEFFSTER!!! I feel that I didn’t get real closure at the end….DID THE KISS WORK!




Anyone agree? How did you like Chuck? Leave a message in the comments below.




Chalk O La- DIY Review Liquid Chalk

Here is my video review of the Chalk O La Liquid Chalk I got to try out. I loved the quality of this product! It really helped to revamp my room! The chalk dried quickly which helped me to add more details and outlines quickly with my “art.” I put art in quotes because I am not an artist and I doubt you can call my terrible palm tree art, but you know what I mean. Someone with real talent or just home DIY-ers like me can get real use of this product!


If you are interested in purchasing, please visit Amazon!


I received this product for free (thank you) but I was not paid to give an opinion.

Protected: What about Jimmy? SPOILER from The Secret Keeper

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February Book Review: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

To read an overview and summary of the book, please click here.


5 of 5 stars

My basic review of the book (no spoilers):

Wow just wow. I can’t even begin to explain how much I loved this book. Morton’s style of writing is truly refreshing and the thought and details that she adds to the story and to the characters really bring the story to life. I love how she went back and forth from the past to the present while the characters were starting to learn more about what happened. I LOVE MYSTERY. The whole plot line was strong. A woman’s quest to find the truth of what happened that day she witnessed something terrible. It was one of those books I didn’t want to put down! I was sucked right in!

A couple of things I was confused about though, especially towards the end. If you already read this book and had some concerns too, PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MY QUESTIONS (CAUTION:CONTAINS SPOILERS).  The PASSWORD IS: Jimmy

But I would recommend reading this book!!!


Bottom line: Read it


February Netflix Binge: Chuck (NO SPOILERS)

1545678For those of you that don’t know… I just finished season 5 of Chuck on Netflix. At first I was overly suspicious of the show’s almost 5 star rating, but after watching the shows to its completion I have to agree that it is a great show.

Here is some info on what “CHUCK” is all about according to the internet:

Computer geek Chuck Bartowski opens an e-mail that has been encoded, subliminally, with vital government secrets, triggering a massive download of critical information to his brain. With assassins and international terrorists eager to nab Chuck’s noggin, it falls to Maj. John Casey and his partner, CIA agent Sarah Walker, to protect the government’s newest and most-unlikely secret agent.

First Episode Date: September 24, 2007

Last Episode Date: January 27, 2012


Here is my formal review about the show:

All in all, this was a fantastic show! Not your typical spy show…These spies CARE! I was instantly drawn into the characters and was sucked in as if I myself was a member of the Buy More family. When I saw this on Netflix and started watching the first show it took me about a month to complete all 5 seasons. Five years in one month almost makes me feel like the Intersect! HAHA…it is okay if you don’t understand everything I am talking about now… just watch the first episode and you will see for yourself. Although trust me, you won’t feel the same about spy shows anymore….my only question now is, When’s the movie?


Did you know all of this already? CLICK HERE TO READ MY SPOIL FILLED REVIEW OF CHUCK AND THE SEASON FINALE. (Beware of spoilers- read only if you have completed all 5 seasons!!)